I like this one, though. One you hear many times - play the baby music, and when it comes out, it associates the music with being comfortable in the womb, so he/she settles better.

Trouble is, talking about this with people from work means that the musical suggestions aren't always the most cheering of songs... H suggested a bit of Joy Division (that made me laugh), A suggested some Status Quo (I don't have any... for a reason....), and all manner of different bands were brought up.

So now I'm having a good think. I mean, dEUS are probably not the greatest one to start with... nor Lush.... then again, I've enough CD's around me, there must be something. Maybe a bit of Super Furry Animals! Now that would be cool...

There was supposed to be an album of various indie types singing childrens songs, but I don't have it, and I'm not sure I'd play it normally (after all, you want something you're going to not get sick of, don't you?), so I'll have to have a good long think.

In other news, I got my Mum-To-Be Bounty Pack from Asda at the weekend, and now have many samples of newborn disposable nappies. It wasn't meant to happen like this... sigh. I want my baby in cloth nappies! Still, in all the samples were a pair of swimming ones, suitable from around 3-6 months. Oh, I can't wait to take baby swimming....


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