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( Jul. 5th, 2009 05:15 pm)
On my notes this week, the midwife wrote "oedema", which she asked me if I have, and I said no. So I'm concerned. (that being where my ankles start to swell) The fact she asked me, and I said "oh no, I've been quite lucky with this" makes me wonder if she thought I was completely clueless, or something. Of course, this may not have helped, it being the hottest day of the year, and me rushing back to the doctors when she appeared (as there were no midwives when I got there for my appointment). But anyway, I haven't, and I wasn't. But now I'm concerned. Still, I'm back to hospital on Tuesday, and back to the doctors the following Thursday, and I'm sure one of them will pick up on it, and I'll look on clueless.

We started our second Antenatal Classes, where I've found out more about how to widen my pelvis. It's actually quite comfortable too. Basically, you sit on the loo the wrong way round. Head against the cistern sort of thing. So apparently I'm meant to sit there quite often, to widen the area, so baby thinks "oooh! big space!" and starts to move there and think about engaging (ie, get ready to come out). She may do this of her own accord too, but that would help. I'm starting to wonder what would make sitting backwards on the toilet more appealing. In our first antenatal class, the midwife recommended we sat that way while in labour. Apparently it's quite relaxing (I can now vouch for this, though not in a labour kind of way), probably for the same reason (ie, widening of the pelvis). So there you go. One recommended to take a cushion, and just relax. That sounds plain weird to me, but hey, I'm not one to let something like that stop me from trying. It just needs to be clean...

We get great delight at least once every two days hearing our little girl have a hiccup or twelve. It's quite cute, Shaun will stick his head on my belly, and can hear her "hic, hic, hic" you know how it goes. She occasionally still kicks him in the head, which still greatly amuses me. She also wakes up when she hears his "daddy earthquakes" (snoring), which amuses me no end, as obviously I don't snore, no, not one bit. Ahem. I feel like we're bonding in some way before we've even met.

The bump is big now, to the point that I'm only in maternity clothes - the old clothes are all consigned to their various shelves or wardrobes. I've still not worn the t-shirt dress I bought, maybe next weekend. We've tons of baby clothes, and finally got a car seat which matches the buggy. We've been practising folding and assembling various buggy related things, using Miffy as the baby substitute. Shaun picking her up by the ear troubled me a little. Still, she fits snugly and perfectly into the car seat and buggy, now there's just the rocker to assemble and try out. Maybe save that one for next weekend...

Seven weeks to the due date now. Eek.


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