Yesterday, the person I sit kind of next to (well, on the next table) found out I was pregnant. This is because I've now no idea who knows, and who doesn't. Being a bloke, he asked lots of stupid questions, as they can do at times (a huge generalisation there, I know, I'm sorry), such as "well how did that happen?" ("well, you see, me and Shaun....") or "what happens when you're giving birth?!" ("well, I'll be in the middle of reception, so might need your help?") sort of nonsense; you know, when brain doesn't quite click into gear.

There's a plus side to this, of course. While I've been embracing my quite obvious bump, he's not had a clue, and hadn't even thought I was fat! Pleasingly, I've kept a regular weight check, and I'm up slightly, but not more than I was when I first got pregnant, which is good. I do have a bump though. People keep patting it. I have to keep reminding them they're patting my guts, and there's no baby to actually pat yet. Maybe in a few weeks...

I get regular emails telling me about what's going on in there, and todays tells me that he/she (she's been a she for the last couple of weeks) is approximately four and a half inches long. Ooooerr.

Here's the weird bit though - apparently the baby might start to play with the umbilical cord. This gave me odd visions and dreams of the baby skipping in my tum, and having quite a fun time in there. I wont go on, you can picture it, I'm sure.

According to the books and online, I wont feel anything moving in there for another couple of weeks. I can live with this. I'm sure I'll be hugely irritated every time she kicks me in the ribs, it being funny the first few times, and not funny when it's 2am in the morning and I'm trying to sleep. Actually, having said that, I'm really not sleeping well at the moment anyway... I really should try and make the most of it right now... though I've heard towards the end of the pregnancy the early fatigue creeps back with a vengeance.

I'm also sure I'm repeating myself every time I type something in here, but I have no memory of actually saying this - this is the problem with LJ at the moment. I type up a ton of posts, and only 1% ever gets posted, and my memory is frazzled. It's probably better that way, mind...
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