We've heard baby a couple of times now at home. It's rather cool. Our doppler now picks up a heartbeat very very clearly - in fact, yesterday it had my heartbeat and baby's going at the same time. I can't really describe how happy it makes you feel, knowing it's in there, as right now I feel so very un-pregnant (but fat), and it's there as a reminder that little dude is doing what he needs to be (ie, grow), and all should be well.

After initially thinking most pregnancy tops looked a bit naff, I've now come to the conclusion they're great. I even went as far as buying several, last week. H&M Mama have some great clothes - and cheap too (as I'm not going to get too many - just enough to tide me over the summer). Next weekend is Mamas & Papas, as I've two £5 vouchers that need to be used. It'd be silly not to...

I often have a minor freakout at the thought of a thing inside me - I mean, it's over 5 inches big now - and that's only from it's head to bum - with the legs.. I mean, we're talking 7" single sized there. Which is why I find it all odd, in my stupid head I have a 7" record inside me.


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