Oh it's growing. I'm now in week 18, and that half way mark feels like it's forever. Not long now, anyway.

Last night, while lying on the settee, I looked at my stomach. Now, given I've a few layers of fat that are currently being pushed up, I found it a little weird that as I breathed, parts of my stomach wobbled differently. We're not entirely sure, however, I'm almost convinced that was baby doing his/her leg and arm kicking, and making all my wobbly bits wobble. It's about the right time. I was also convinced I felt flutters and bubbles in the front of my stomach overnight, too.

Yesterday we braved the Westfield Centre over in Shepherds Bush, and popped into Mamas & Papas. The buggy I've been longing for hugely disappointed - it looks so good, and so lightweight, but yet it felt SO heavy, and the assistant there wasn't able to push it down with just the one hand (very important) - she could barely do it with two. I dunno, I mean, she helped us, but actually now I don't feel like we need the extra expense, and the Mothercare one appeals more again (which was ably demonstrated with just the one hand, as well).

There's SO many offers for baby clothes right now, and I want to buy them all (especially the stripy socks), but I shouldn't - not yet. Not until the 22 week scan. But oh, those cute socks wont be in the sale any more. So disappointing. I mean, they're only a pound right now!!

We've joined the NCT, and now I've discovered top tips like going to the posher areas of London for their nearly new sales, and being able to pick up very nice clothes at a bargain price. Now this appeals... Oh, and add to that the ante-natal classes are no more than five minutes walk from here (we've been accepted!) - result! Now we just need to pay them shedloads of cash...
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