Okay, one thing they never told me about, bar the round ligament pain (bearable), there's now Pelvic Girdle Pain to contend with. Basically, imagine your bum has an enormous bruise on it, which goes all the way across. Because of this pain (I think it really started last Friday, after our Tower Of London day - it says not to overdo it, and I did), I now have to re-evaluate everything I've ever done. The way I sit, the way I get out of bed, the bath, get dressed. But it all makes the pain bearable. I swear, I wish I'd paid more attention in biology lessons at school - I've learnt so much more these last few months than I ever did then (though to be fair, York's Grammar School setup meant you had to do one science, and I had no choice), for instance, if you do a spot of "humping and hollowing" that can fix things. However, this one upset me:

•When you are walking, arch your back (by sticking your chest and bottom out) and swing your arms as though you are marching. This locks your pelvis in a stable position and activates the muscles responsible for stiffening your pelvic joints.

I'm going to look like a right dork. A right pelvic-pain-free dork, but a dork, nonetheless. Oh well!

Up to 45% of women get this too. JOY!
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