which I've probably already written about, but I can't remember any more, how prior to being pregnant and the bump being on show, I consciously never wore clothes which clung to my body shape.

Now I have a quite visible bump, I'm clingy all the way, baby.

It's really quite odd - and the best bit? I feel completely un-self conscious. I'm really enjoying being me, with my odd body shape right now - I'm showing it off, and I'm proud, rather than hiding behind big baggy t-shirts and mens jeans (which truthfully fit better than womens).

We went to Basingstoke yesterday (as you do!), and a woman got in the lift with us, glanced at my bump, and we both exchanged smiles. Oh it was nice - and when we got to the Clarins counter, the woman immediately served me, and suggested good oils for the bump (I already have it, and it's lovely, but oh, how nice!), and people just seem that bit happier to deal with you (or sell you stuff).
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