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( Feb. 28th, 2009 10:27 pm)
but knowing my luck, little dude will do this.

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( Feb. 28th, 2009 05:03 pm)
Went to ExCel today for the above mentioned show - while it's still early days for us, I wanted ideas. I'd asked for advice in several places, and one was "get there early" - let me say, 11am is not early (and couldn't be helped), so we prettty much got to look at one pushchair, and then everyone else was crowding around. Still, there's plenty of other places we can do that, thankfully.

The helpful side of things was being able to do research on reusable nappies, which is something I want to do. Although when the nappy demonstration woman told me that 20 nappies would last me two days, there was a huge "gulp" type noise came from inside me. I hate changing nappies. Oh I'm going to be a fun mum.

One of the things I'm finding out more and more about being a mum-to-be is that people love to give you stuff - samples of stuff, that is. Although I could have come away with more, I'm sure (we only paid for two hours parking, which came in at six pounds - this baby and parking lark is expensive you know), and could have easily done another hour there (probably me sitting at a juice bar and eating an energy snack, to be honest), but we did come away with some decent samples, and I've got good ideas about nappies and errr... actually, I think that's about it. It's all quite overwhelming just how much is there - but like the midwife we chatted to said, a lot of it really isn't relevant - people are just there to sell. It's just we weren't ready to buy (though that doesn't mean that in November, or even in Birmingham in May, we wouldn't go there and buy something - as we could if there was something that would be worth going for). Which is also a good thing.

Anyway, I came away with two new cotton type bags (one for nappies, one for the NHS), several samples of washing powder (Fairy, PErsil and something else), some Nivea samples, two breast pads (I'd never seen them before. They're ENORMOUS), several sachets of "stuff" and more "stuff" and a ton of leaflets about every stand I liked the look of. Oh! And one thing I wish I'd bought, but again, it's too early, was a neat little setup for reusable wipes. It was a neat little way of doing it, and I fell for it - so I may well get those nearer the time (or November). The Mothercare woman dodged my questions when I asked her about car seats and their buggy I like (so now I'm not sure), and one reusable nappy man who did a demonstration looked so bored he didn't even give us eye contact (so stuff him!). However, a nice natural oils and potions stand (Brownearth), had the man's young son helping us smell things, and oh, they all smelt so good, so I bought an exfoliating soap for a fiver (cheaper than Lush) because I liked how they sold things, so they made me want to buy things. The baby bumpband stand also got my business thanks to the woman there letting me try on the larger size, and then telling me she thought I actually needed the smaller one (!!!!!!) - I didn't though, as it's early days, but at least I've two bumpbands now - one to wear, one to wash for the summer.... oh, and a subscription to a magazine so I got £30 worth of bottles. And two dummies. I'm still not sure about dummies. I never had one when I was a baby...

Anyway, it's been a long day. Now I'm tired, and ready to sleep for most of the evening. Let's just hope that last nights dream doesn't repeat itself. I got married to David Sitek from TV On The Radio. I've no idea why, but in my dream we were so in love. We also entered The Amazing Race, and I couldn't spell Caernarfon properly, to put in a crossword style puzzle and win the overall race. The fact I don't find him attractive one bit is absolutely everything to do with it.
I like this one, though. One you hear many times - play the baby music, and when it comes out, it associates the music with being comfortable in the womb, so he/she settles better.

Trouble is, talking about this with people from work means that the musical suggestions aren't always the most cheering of songs... H suggested a bit of Joy Division (that made me laugh), A suggested some Status Quo (I don't have any... for a reason....), and all manner of different bands were brought up.

So now I'm having a good think. I mean, dEUS are probably not the greatest one to start with... nor Lush.... then again, I've enough CD's around me, there must be something. Maybe a bit of Super Furry Animals! Now that would be cool...

There was supposed to be an album of various indie types singing childrens songs, but I don't have it, and I'm not sure I'd play it normally (after all, you want something you're going to not get sick of, don't you?), so I'll have to have a good long think.

In other news, I got my Mum-To-Be Bounty Pack from Asda at the weekend, and now have many samples of newborn disposable nappies. It wasn't meant to happen like this... sigh. I want my baby in cloth nappies! Still, in all the samples were a pair of swimming ones, suitable from around 3-6 months. Oh, I can't wait to take baby swimming....
Yesterday, while waiting in the EPU which was extremely full, I realised (well, I already knew, but it just confirmed things even more than what I already knew) that my husband is a complete and utter saint. Ladies came in who were further down the queue, or due appointments. Shaun remained standing by me (I was seated), and after there was no more room to sit down, only one other man stood up to offer his seat to the pregnant women who came in. It was shameful - I mean, at least ask! So spotty spoddy boy, and bald hat man, shame on you both. Chav boy and Chav mum (they were with Chav Daughter), shame on you too.

In the end Shaun stood for two hours. See? A bloody thoughtful man there. (with added bonus point to long haired beardy man who also gave up his seat more than twice). Respect also to man next to us who sat on the floor next to his pregnant lady. I wish there were more people like these. Shaun was a little less polite about them and used bad swear words.
Me : I don't get it. I know my LMP* was on a Saturday, so how come each new week starts on a Sunday?
Midwife lady : you're right
Me : ah, good
Midwife lady (thinks, probably) : and a bit pedantic, too

Later on

Me : okay, so if I'm 13 weeks and six days, then how come I'm 14 weeks on Sunday?
Shaun : eh?
Me : Well, tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks and seven days! See! It doesn't make sense!
Shaun : there's seven days in a week...
Me : ehhhh?
Shaun : you'll be 14 weeks, tomorrow. 13 weeks, and seven days, is equal to 14 weeks.
Me : ohh yesssssss

(baby brain fail)

* google it
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( Feb. 20th, 2009 03:15 pm)
I have my 22 week scan on the morning of my birthday. Good planning there! This means it's almost inevitable that baby will arrive on Shaun's birthday.

We spent most of this morning at St Helier, mainly due to things happening overnight I wasn't too happy with, so to ease our worried minds we went to the Early Pregnancy Unit - except I didn't realise they had a desk there where you check in - so waited in the wrong area (Shaun - "I was right!"), so ended up being number 7 in a very long queue of ladies in varying sizes.

After about three and a bit hours of waiting, we were seen - and taken into a little cubicle, where the midwife (the nice one, who I've seen a couple of times - she's very direct, quite sympathetic and will answer your questions directly, which is a bonus) where they extracted more blood from my arm (I didn't wimp out), and listened to baby's heartbeat (nice and strong). One Ultrasound later, and we saw little dude hiccup, with a nice full belly and a nice strong heart.

She actually seems quite happy in there (she's a girl this week), wiggling around in my belly, hiccuping, getting a full stomach, weeing, hiccuping, wiggling around. Life must be so easy in there, with just my blubber to protect you (it seems to be doing a fine job right now).

It's funny, being pregnant brings out the mother in everyone. There's the mothers who have children, and the people who don't. I know I bombarded people with questions and things the more I found out about George, but I'm finding that actually the ones who give you the most definite advice are the people who don't have children. It's quite odd. (Yet somehow, I can relate to it, if that makes sense?) I've got some of the mothers at work giving advice (though I can't remember any of it right now), which is great. It all feels such a distant thing, so far away though. Like, it isn't really happening to me right now. When everyone's congratulating me, I have to almost check to find out what they're congratulating me for, despite me telling them. That probably makes no sense - it's just right now it doesn't feel real.

Anyway, that'll do for now.
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( Feb. 18th, 2009 07:17 pm)
amused me for hours one day. Not sure why, I was in proper tears of oh-my-godness. I blame the hormones. The only reason we found it was due to me putting together my Mothercare Wish List, and Shaun insisting we don't dress the baby as a Panda or Teddy, and in fact, as a Koala. I think elephants are much cooler.

Monday came and went - we were sick nervous, as you would be when you're about to find out the fate of what's inside your abdomen. Thankfully that went quickly, but alas we couldn't get a clear picture. We could see little dude wiggling away inside, quite happy with life, wiggling it's hands and feet around (make the most of it, once you get bigger we'll be fighting for moving space, just remember that). Off I was sent back to the waiting room to down more water in the hope it would help. Second try, and again, not a clear enough picture. Most annoying, so back I went again to the waiting room, stocking up on more water (the stuff I got from the drinking fountain tasted vile, so I got some from the Early Pregnancy Unit room) - I must have downed almost 2 litres by this point. Eventually on the final call back, we got a clear picture. But oh, baby had enough by this point, and decided it'd rather sleep. Facing us. Which was all quite cute, but even sort of wobbling, prodding and whatever else-ing, he/she wouldn't move to his side (actually, it's a "he" this week, I think). We had to give up, as quite frankly, I didn't want to be sat there waiting for little dude to move around, and I'm sure the nice lady also wanted to see other people. (Sorry NHS)

Fast forward to yesterday, and we were first in, little dude was wriggling around again, we got a nuchal scan done perfectly (I feel this is partly due to Shaun, who had a stern word before we left the house to little dude, telling him that he needs to be facing the right way, as we don't want to keep having to go back), I'm within the safe limits (though we'll have more of an idea when my blood tests are back), and we decided to tell everyone as of yesterday. Phew! Definitely a daddy's boy/girl, anyway.

Of course, because I'm late on, I had to have another blood test. Oh woe. If my arm was a successful pin cushion, I'd still not be used to these things, and much to Shaun and the nurse's amusement, I pulled the kind of comedy face (once the needle had been taken out, in fact), which they said reminded them both of "the Flintstones" - so we all had a good laugh at me. (me too, though)

Anyway, everyone knows now, I was exhausted last night by the time I stopped for the night, and slept so well, because I guess this stressful part is out of the way now. Little dude is currently low-risk, and I don't have to go back (bar Friday for my rescheduled booking in) for another 9 weeks, for the next scan.

Oh yes, and while I remember, every single one of my cousins who've had a baby, plus my sister have all had boys first. I'm sure while I think I'll be the same, I'll probably buck the trend and have a girl. Anyway, just logging that one, as I'm bound to forget (baby brain is not great).
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( Oct. 5th, 2007 09:04 pm)
there wasnt anz rain todaz! It was sunnz all daz, a proper siyyler! We are now officiallz red of skin, and have walked the walls around Dubrovnik too, which added to the redness.

The music has improved somewhat, with a little bit of Libertines this morning, though Madonna is going for it right now (Vogue), and Im sure we will get a bit of Sonic Zouth at some point, its about par for the course.

Sunset tonight, our last one, was spent at Buža again (ooh, got to use a proper ž there), as the sun set, the stereo plazed "What a Wonderful World" and at that point, cornz though it is, I had to agree.

Shaun had more swims in the sea again, but this time I took photos. Oh zes.
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( Oct. 4th, 2007 10:24 pm)
hvala adio or something. Still hot,we are burnt, last daz tomrorow (boo) but we have lots to do so thats ok.

The Croatian people are verz into their eighties pop zou know. Weve had lots of Howard Jones, Zayoo, Hall & Oates and Supertramp - oh and Kim Wilde too.

I have had piyya for food everz daz so far, and I cant eat anz more, its all too much. That and no apostrophes. Its okaz, cause we swam a lot in the pool (when we burnt) and walked a lot in the old town.

Shaun dived into the ocean a lot, its about 5 metres deep, and it gives me the willies. He seems to enjoz this jumping lark though, and theres stepladders from the sea back onto the rocks. I stick to the pool instead.

We watched the Italian Deal or No Deal tonight, which was a little more interesting than the Tottenham game.
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( Oct. 3rd, 2007 03:25 pm)
ohhh its SO hot here. Also,Croatian keyboards have the z and the y in the wrong place, and no apostrophes. Lots of čćžšđ though.

Ohhh itćs SO hot here would be that sentence, see.

The hotel is good too, with views out over the Adriatic. I forgot to bring any vests. Stupid me, its 70 degrees.

Found a pub to watch the footy tomorrrow and a decent looking vegetarian restaurant. Ahh, I want to live here.

Lots of photos to come at the weekend...

We keep getting lost in the hotel.

Crazy cab driver from the airport (we missed the shuttle bus), who was writing things as he drove, and putting a booking for us for Saturdaz into his phone. But it felt strangelz safe. Weird.

I wish we were stazing here longer. I also canćt be bothered to correct mz zs and ys and find the apostrophe kez.

I also am no longer ill. Croatian beer is good too.
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( Sep. 16th, 2007 01:37 pm)
once upon a time I found a band called The Bees, who weren't that band from the Isle Of Wight, but who made quite pleasant little indie guitar pop songs, which were rather good. I adopted them in my adopt-a-band thingummy I did last year, which went by the wayside when dad was diagnosed, so I never did properly adopt them. Anyway, given it was a bit confusing there were two bands called The Bees, the US one has decided to change their name, and are now known as The Silver Seas. Their new album 'High Society' is pretty good too. They're still not quite not The Bees, as their website is still active, but the new music is there. Very Sunday sunny day it is, too.

There's music up on MySpace, and I wont even attempt to describe it, as while I think it sounds like a less sparkly Mull Historical Society in parts, I still think it's a good record. So there, listen to them.
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( Sep. 16th, 2007 12:14 pm)
Friday brought a trip to Croydon. Once previously reported, Beano's was closing down - but it isn't any more. The downside of this is everything now exists on the one floor. The upside? Well, there's a massive 7" section, with five for £. So we all spent most of the time in there rifling through the racks. Some of those records in there have never been played, I swear. They must have been stored for years, too. Shaun stumbled across 6 copies of 'Tottenham Tottenham' by Tottenham's FA Cup Final squad (the third record I ever bought), and for a while I owned 7 copies, until most were handed out at the Bootlaces after yesterdays game, and one for Veg in the pub in Lewisham later on.

Other great additions to my 7" collection include a 7" pre-dating the film of people covering songs from The Sound Of Music (Petula Clark is on there), Rolf Harris 'Jake The Peg', YMCA, three Teardrop Explodes singles, two Mighty Wah ones (they had a good Story Of The Blues picture sleeve, as my copy comes in a plain white paper bag), two That Petrol Emotion ones (Hey Venus & Tingle, sadly no earlier ones, though I've got them anyway), and in fact, in the end, I spent the same amount of money on 20 7" singles, as I did for the one I spotted in the football section, Glenn & Chris's 'It's Goodbye' (the follow up to 'Diamond Lights') with the interview flexi disc - something I suspect I already have, but I just checked the 7" and there's no flexi there... All for under a tenner. Cor.

Get to Croydon, people - before the good songs go. They've tons of the same titles in there, most look unplayed, and were probably stored in their old warehouse through the years.

Yesterday was the football, the previous night being a fairly late one, and me not being able to sleep suddenly, waking with a start at 8.30, trying to wake everyone else up, before Shaun pointed out it was too early. Whoops. We made it to White Hart Lane and our seats (right behind a pillar on the East Lower, though we saved £ each by sitting there) as the whistle blew, spent most of the game stressed and in the sun, and relaxed in the Bootlaces afterwards, sharing the 'Chocolate Rain' ringtone. We only stopped for the one drink, as we all had places to go, but I swear I saw a player leave the ground. Boateng, possibly, we were unsure. However, on reaching WHL station, I get a call from [livejournal.com profile] eyekiller - Jermaine Jenas is heading our way, and indeed he did. Shaun took a photo of him in his car (you can't see him), Dan texted, having seen Aaron Lennon and someone else, and OH I wish we'd gone the longer way to the station, then I could have waved at them all, or something. [livejournal.com profile] eyekiller pointed out that Gareth Bale drove like a joyrider (I think that's what you said?). It was all quite exciting for me, anyway. More than the game.

Lewisham followed, where we caught up with everyone from the past couple of years at the Clock House (or whatever the Wetherspoons is called) - which was nice. The pub was exactly the same, nothing in Lewisham has changed, it was kind of reassuringly homely, if that makes any sense at all? Plus it was good to see everyone, especially as it doesn't feel like almost two and a half years since I last saw most of them.

Oh, and we finally booked our holiday to Dubrovnik, paid about 60 more, and are in a higher starred hotel. Lovely! Apparently there's some film festival there, while we're there? I dunno. I just like the idea of another walled City to visit. Has anyone been, and got any recommendations of places to see there?
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( Sep. 14th, 2007 09:50 am)
I hate Koko. I really really hate Koko. I hate how you can get near the front (it didn't sell out), but yet wherever you are, people barge past you, you can't just enjoy a gig, someone's always talking next to you. The sound is rubbish, and it's just a horrible horrible place. I'm never going back.

So, close your eyes. Remember The House Of Love twenty years ago, as the first album was set to come out. Keep them closed. Very very tight. Keep that House Of Love in your head. Don't open your eyes. Because while generally they were excellent last night, some parts seemed very under-rehearsed. Lines being fluffed (I think Terry knew more than Guy) - Guy didn't say a word until the last song of the album was over. 'Christine', I wanted to cry. Mainly because it sounded so horrible. The sound - you couldn't hear Terry's guitar - the thing which makes the song - you could only hear Guy Chadwick's - vocal-wise, Terry's backing vocals were too high - it was just terrible. I feared the worst, though things calmed down with 'Hope', and by the time they'd reached 'Love In A Car' the guitar could be heard. But oh. By then the damage was done. The first album, one of my favourite albums, it felt like it was an old House Of Love playing it, who didn't know the songs that well any more, maybe it was nerves, I don't know.

At the end they took a five minute break, and came back to treat us to singles, and things vastly improved. I got to hear songs I've never heard live before ('Real Animal' - at last!) and ones where it's questionable whether they ever played them live ('Welt' - harmonies were all over the place though) - I got to hear songs I've heard lots of times before ('Shine On' - sparkled - the highlight of the set, by a mile, they've played it enough times, I guess!) and songs nobody has heard before (the very last song, "this is one song we never recorded, it's quite good, actually" - it sounded a bit like an early Destroy The Heart, in the way 'You Always Hang Around' by The Breeders is like an early 'Divine Hammer') - I came out of it glad that I went, but a bit niggled by things (the sound, the venue, the people in front of me, the woman who stood right in front of me, when there was tons of space in front of her, and she kept elbowing me, despite there being no room behind me) - one thing I remember from early House Of Love gigs was the effects pedals on their guitars - it felt like there was none of that any more. Maybe I'm getting confused, maybe. But it just didn't really match that band I saw twenty years ago, despite it being three-quarters the same.

The blogged about female vocalist didn't appear, meaning no 'On The Hill' either. 'Touch Me' turned into a Terry Bickers noodle on guitar, which lots of people applauded, but I wasn't really in the right frame of mind.

I still love them though. I'll still buy the reissues, probably. I still hate Koko. I've not checked the pics I took yet, but hopefully they're ok....

I think today we're going to be touristy people in Central London for Vic & Wade, who got to Wallington around 2pm yesterday. Hurrah for tourists! (I say this, knowing Vic has lived in London much longer than I have, even though she's been in SF for the last 8 years)
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 08:04 am)
bah. The holiday I was going to book this morning with ebookers has gone. Can anyone recommend any decent online travel agents? I've done the obvious ones like Last Minute, Expedia, Teletext Travel and so on.... I want to go to Dubrovnik!!

Although there's still Stockholm...
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( Sep. 12th, 2007 08:17 pm)
(adopts Bill and Ted style giggle)

it's up there with Seaman.
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( Sep. 12th, 2007 08:03 am)
Last night was Emma Pollock's free gig night at the Heavenly Social bar, an odd little place, somewhere you're guaranteed not to see a thing, as the place is so odd shaped. Apart from that, they also have the coolest handdryers I've ever seen anywhere - Dyson dryers (called the airblade, of course), you position your hands in between the two plastic grey shapes, and a dyson blast of cold air quickly dries your hands. It's probably something you need to go and experience first hand, and if they do more free gigs, then it wont even cost you (though the upstairs bar does have one too, in their toilets). Anyway, it impressed me. Not enough to take a photo, but it did. Apparently they're big in Japan.

Emma Pollock was great - having not seen her since her first gig when she supported The Mountain Goats, and was solo with just a piano as accompaniment. This time she's with full band, as well as occasional piano-bass-vocals times. The trouble was, it was so full you just couldn't get anywhere near. Thankfully there was space at the back, and that's when the odd things started to happen...

I noticed someone kept looking at me, and I kept looking back at them, not registering really. After about ten minutes he came over "are you from York?" I replied in the positive. "Did you go to the Sixth Form College?" - and then I realised - it was Barry! Someone I probably hadn't seen for around nineteen years! In fact, the last time I'd read anything about him was on his Friends Reunited profile, where he mentioned being a journalist in Afghanistan - which was completely true (apparently it was really quite nice there, and this was after 2001 as well) - we swapped sightings of former schoolfriends and what they're up to now (that'll be James, the last time I bumped into him was at an REM gig in Newcastle, where he went to Uni). So that was nice, we chatted, memorised emails, and should hopefully stay in touch.

Then R from work appeared at the gig, with someone who looked really familiar. So much so I had to ask someone else at work who this person was, as I knew him, but couldn't quite place him. I'm told and OH! so I went to say hello, as I'd not seen him for about six years. Two small worlds in one small venue. He also said I was the best Label Manager his former label had ever had, which was quite sweet - I don't think he was just saying it either. Or if he did, I was suckered in! But anyway... it was really nice to see him too.

After all this, Emma Pollock was good - though I had moments of having to take my earplugs out, as it was so quiet, yet my ears are ringing louder today. Strange. It was nice to hear the songs in a band setting, at some times Emma's voice sounded like she was shout-singing, but most of the time it was pure loveliness, that same gorgeous voice that went across so many Delgados songs through the years... I like Emma, I love her album, everyone should buy it, if they liked The Delgados - out next Monday.

All this sort of ends on a downbeat note though. We found out in the early afternoon yesterday that S who I sit opposite was knocked off his scooter on the way into work yesterday - he's in hospital at the moment, with broken ribs, and being monitored - he was lucky (in that he's still alive), but we all think he'll be out of action for some time - two weeks minimum (though we don't actually know). We don't know what exactly happened to him, other than what I wrote, it's weird. Around lunchtime yesterday me and Jo were both worried about him, hoping he was okay, as he hadn't called in at work, which wasn't like him. I know it's so far down on the list of his own priorities, but it was Monday and we were both talking about how much we were looking forward to seeing The House Of Love tomorrow night (he's the one who told me about the gig in the first place) - he's not going to be able to make it there, obviously. So I think I'll try take as many photos as I can, and films, put them onto disc, and post them to him, if they're in any way decent. It feels like the appropriate thing to do - we're both the same age (he's a couple of months older), so grew up with the first album - is anyone else planning on being there, and taking pics at all? Fancy helping out?

On a more positive finish, my sister sent photos of baby from her latest lot of scans. Ohh, he looks like a proper little boy now, you can see a proper face and everything, he no longer resembles Rio Ferdinand (thank goodness). Awwwww.
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( Sep. 11th, 2007 08:40 am)
Oh, caught the second one last night, chick peas with cumin and rocket... mm. My goodness, those dishes she cooked up last night were good (apart from the meaty ones). There's recipes on the BBC site too. But you have to buy the book to get her cheatin' chocolate mousse recipe. Damn you, book.
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( Sep. 10th, 2007 07:36 pm)
in an attempt to maybe sound more interesting, I've decided to go public-posts for just a week, see how it goes, see if I can be a bit more constructive, rather than post the usual babble. So here goes. I even bought myself a years Paid LJ yesterday, so I can get my old icons back.

Except, things aren't really that interesting right now really. Tomorrow night should be fun, as Emma Pollock is doing a free gig in Central London (at the Heavenly Social place), to launch her album, which we're both going to be attending - so things should improve, interest-wise. Otherwise, it's just been a day of work, nothing exciting to report. I'm liking the current Spoon album, which is an improvement on the last one (that we did at work), so may have to get about acquiring that.

For ages now I've wanted to hear Michael Head's 'Strands' album (or the Amazing World Of or whatever it's called, I know which one I mean), but it was long-deleted and unavailable - except on heading to Amazon, there it is, in stock, and available less than a tenner. So I really should go about getting one, before they delete it again...

Today at lunch, as I walked back towards work, I swear I saw an almost-red squirrel. Considering red ones are supposed to be virtually extinct now, the one I saw had some grey, but some red too. I'm not sure if this counts, but it definitely wasn't 100% grey. Maybe 50%? It had red in it though, and it wasn't just dirty.

We may have decided on a holiday destination for our October break - Dubrovnik. Looks good too....