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2009-08-01 07:37 pm


I think I'm definitely experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. It's quite annoying, tightening jabbing pains around my abdomen, getting me ready for later this month. Thanks body, thanks baby. Our midwife at the Antenatal class said (and I quote, probably incorrectly) "I could go through this pain every day, it's the best pain ever" (because of what happens at the end, that is) - we all looked on puzzled. Mind, I equated this to breaking your leg, and the pain getting it into a position where your leg heals, and you can walk again, and would that also be a good pain? I think I missed the point, quite possibly.

The words "later this month" are odd to type. It's August. Christ.

Had my first ever bra fitting today in M&S. God, what an odd experience. Had to lift my top up to allow the lady to measure my band size, showing off the bump, while she went off to get some bras which should fit - except one bra had metal all over it (niiiice.. not), so I'd be allergic anyway - so I got my 2 pack of bras and bought them. The woman kept knocking on the door, right as I was trying to fasten the metal on the not-so-good-bra, so there I am virtually naked, bump on show, telling the lady she'll have to hang on a sec. Gawd. She was helpful, I'm not knocking her, I just wanted my bras and to get the hell out of there.

Stocked up on Raspberry Leaf Tea, which will make things bearable apparently (though I've read it makes the BH contractions even MORE painful), and we had our labour ward tour today, which was kind of short, and I don't feel like I've actually learnt much about it, other than there's lots of rooms still being worked on, and they wont be ready for another 3-4 weeks. Which means they wont be ready when it's time, quite possibly. That and I've seen a birthing pool, and the inflatable one on The Apprentice looked much more appealing.

There's also the tiredness. We did the tour, went to M&S and Sainsburys, Smyths Toys, and by that point I was ready to sleep on the settee, drained of all energy. This is odd, I'm not used to being like this. The smallest things are wearing me out now, but yet my energy comes back really quickly too.

So yes, my entire days are currently me lying on the settee, feeling tired. Yet I'm still getting a decent nights sleep. Very odd. But normal.
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2009-07-29 10:51 am

An update, I think.

It's been a few weeks, and my other journal has basically become baby mk 2 journal, but that's purely because it's the only thing in my head right now. But the important stuff goes here.

My bump is big and not quite uncomfortable, and I'm sleeping reasonably well, despite occasional kickings from madam at around 4am. I still weigh 15st 11, despite eating lots, and that's from a starting weight of 15st 3. That's the diabetes, for you. I'm not complaining about this, though I do worry they'll decide I need to give birth earlier because I'm not putting on weight - I've already been told I'm not going to be allowed to go beyond my due date. Which is three weeks this Saturday. Eeeek. I have the fear now, as it's all so close, after feeling like it was a million years away.

Since I've stopped work my blood sugar levels have gone much lower, which is great, and hopefully means that I'll be allowed to go as late as possible (rather than higher = bigger baby = potential c-section and so on). I even allowed myself a spelt chocolate muffin (well, a third of it) at the weekend, and it didn't shift my levels one bit, which was good. Now if I can just keep this up...


Actually, the really freaky thing is that this weekend I'm 37 weeks, so baby is classed as being full term. As in, she's ready. As in.. well, y'know. GOD. My brain is taking time to process this.

I guess I should start packing my hospital bag, shouldn't I?
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2009-07-05 05:15 pm

Here. Have an update.

On my notes this week, the midwife wrote "oedema", which she asked me if I have, and I said no. So I'm concerned. (that being where my ankles start to swell) The fact she asked me, and I said "oh no, I've been quite lucky with this" makes me wonder if she thought I was completely clueless, or something. Of course, this may not have helped, it being the hottest day of the year, and me rushing back to the doctors when she appeared (as there were no midwives when I got there for my appointment). But anyway, I haven't, and I wasn't. But now I'm concerned. Still, I'm back to hospital on Tuesday, and back to the doctors the following Thursday, and I'm sure one of them will pick up on it, and I'll look on clueless.

We started our second Antenatal Classes, where I've found out more about how to widen my pelvis. It's actually quite comfortable too. Basically, you sit on the loo the wrong way round. Head against the cistern sort of thing. So apparently I'm meant to sit there quite often, to widen the area, so baby thinks "oooh! big space!" and starts to move there and think about engaging (ie, get ready to come out). She may do this of her own accord too, but that would help. I'm starting to wonder what would make sitting backwards on the toilet more appealing. In our first antenatal class, the midwife recommended we sat that way while in labour. Apparently it's quite relaxing (I can now vouch for this, though not in a labour kind of way), probably for the same reason (ie, widening of the pelvis). So there you go. One recommended to take a cushion, and just relax. That sounds plain weird to me, but hey, I'm not one to let something like that stop me from trying. It just needs to be clean...

We get great delight at least once every two days hearing our little girl have a hiccup or twelve. It's quite cute, Shaun will stick his head on my belly, and can hear her "hic, hic, hic" you know how it goes. She occasionally still kicks him in the head, which still greatly amuses me. She also wakes up when she hears his "daddy earthquakes" (snoring), which amuses me no end, as obviously I don't snore, no, not one bit. Ahem. I feel like we're bonding in some way before we've even met.

The bump is big now, to the point that I'm only in maternity clothes - the old clothes are all consigned to their various shelves or wardrobes. I've still not worn the t-shirt dress I bought, maybe next weekend. We've tons of baby clothes, and finally got a car seat which matches the buggy. We've been practising folding and assembling various buggy related things, using Miffy as the baby substitute. Shaun picking her up by the ear troubled me a little. Still, she fits snugly and perfectly into the car seat and buggy, now there's just the rocker to assemble and try out. Maybe save that one for next weekend...

Seven weeks to the due date now. Eek.
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2009-06-17 08:52 am

an update

I can't remember where I was up to. Anyway, I have Gestational Diabetes, which, as of yesterday, I don't have to go back to hospital about unless my levels rise dramatically. Well, for 3 weeks, anyway - a much better scenario than having to go every week, like it has been the last two weeks.

I'm not upset about it any more, and the Metformin I've been prescribed has taken away the evil tiredness I had. However, this means I now quite often have nights of no sleep, lying with my eyes closed, daydreaming, occasionally snoring, and realising I haven't actually slept yet. Like, say, last night for example. They joke about how it's your body "getting used to it" but I'm not laughing.

Baby is also getting quieter. Apparently it's because she has less room to move around - this morning as Shaun said goodbye, I was almost on my left hand side, and my body was just one hard bump. She's got to get bigger yet, so that should be fun - though how much bigger can you get in nine weeks? (or longer if she's late).

Also, we found out at the weekend, both myself and Shaun were huge great big 9 pound babies. Oh woe! Let's hope the old "like mother like daughter" or whatever doesn't apply this time - last week when we had a growth scan (for the diabetes - she's well within range, which is reassuring) they said she weighed around 3 pounds. I'm hoping for a 6-7 pound baby, which will be acceptable. I also found out I was pretty much right on time (though I've always known I was an emergency caesarian), and Shaun was around a week late. So let's hope Madam takes after her mum, but without the c-section.

I say she's been quieter, but just then she wriggled around, so I'm not overly worried. Anyway, we got a good strong heartbeat yesterday in the checkup.

I've had evil back pains for the last week or two - which miraculously disappeared yesterday. It was really odd - I could have run a marathon (metaphorically, there - I can barely run for a bus right now) - I felt normal and human again after feeling like an old git who can't stand up straight any more. However, this may have been due to working from home in the morning, having a lie in, and a nice long bath. Once I got into work, I managed around 3 hours before the familiar pains returned. So I'm now convinced it is my office chair. Luckily, I'm getting a new chair today, which hopefully will give a bit more support. If not, then god knows what I do next. I've six weeks left, and the pain is unbearable when it's there. When it's not, I feel happy and more normal again. Ohh it's evil.

We were working out what benefits I'll gain while I'm off, and oh woe of woes, I do get taxed on my maternity pay. I was hoping as it was so little that I wouldn't, but no, of the under £500 I'll receive, I'll have tax and NI contributions taken out, leaving me with something like £375 or something to live on a month. Ouch. It was going to be hard, and it's only £100 or so less than I thought, but still. It'll be that little bit harder now. Good job I like shopping at Lidl, and it's walkable!! How come all the prices keep going up, yet none of our wages do? Actually, a non-baby thing here - our garage near Asda - every time I drive past, the petrol prices have gone up 2p per litre. It's quite ridiculous. They're the most expensive by a mile, though everyone else is slowly catching up. I do find it quite unfair that things are moving up in price so rapidly, bar all our wages. Not complaining, it means you do without - maybe that's another reason why things are rising. In the end, you need food though, don't you? Petrol isn't a necessity... (it just helps occasionally) Save save save!!
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2009-06-05 07:56 am

It's been a while

since I last updated properly, mainly due to time, and aches and pains, so let's make this one big update.

Right now I'm having the back pains from hell - they're at the point (as of last night), where they're preventing me from sleeping properly. Which is extremely annoying. However, I feel fine today, and I'll just go into work early, then if I need to leave early, I can. Nothing will shift these pains, it's my new shift of gravity (aka Madam), and trying to align my pelvis with my shoulders (learnt that yesterday in my antenatal class). Even my big long pregnancy pillow didn't help that much. Oh pain, go away.

Today Madam's pushchair should arrive - the black and coffee Maclaren Techno, and tomorrow the baby monitor should arrive from Amazon. See, we're spending wisely now. Actually, I say that, but I still spent money on clothes for her (god, I hope she's a "her" - we should find out for definite tomorrow, when we have our 4D scan). Anyway, not long now. People need clothes, anyway.

(she already has many)

I'm getting many moments of great happiness by her kicking me, in what feels like a game of football, minus the ball. Some nights it's literally "boom-boom-boom-boom-boom" repeated for ages, of course, I call Shaun, and she immediately stops.

The biggest downer of all, which I'd like to think I've adjusted to, having now known a week, is Gestational Diabetes. In other words, my body can't deal with the extra sugar, so I'm classed as a diabetic for the forseeable future. While I was devastated (it's hard enough dealing with all the other stuff, without then having to calorie-count and watch what you eat), I'm resigned to it now, and actually, my diet hasn't changed that much. I'm controlling it by diet right now, which seems to be working fine. I've had a couple of high readings (lots of little bruise like marks on my fingers now, too), but have put them down to the food I've eaten at the time (Soy Sauce! I mean... this is how restrictive you have to be). Anyway, I'm over crying about it, and feeling sorry for myself, I was allowed that bit of time - I felt like I'd horribly let down the baby by not being able to protect her adequately, and now I am able, even if it means I've got to make a note when I last ate, to be able to do the blood test 2 hours later.

It looks like all of Shaun's family are coming over in September - well, not all of them, but most of them, to meet Madam! So that's going to be hectic, but nice. Actually, it will be completely hectic, because chances are Madam will make a late entrance. I'd much prefer an August baby though. I'm impatient enough as it is, and god, if this backache is still happening, I may well be a complete wreck.

One plus side fo the backaches, fitflops. I bought a pair when they were launched a couple of years ago (when they were 60 quid- they're half that now. God.), and they come out every summer, when I remember I've got them. Tried them last night, and oh, the pain went. I could walk normally, without being hunched over. So I'm going to use those at work, and hopefully it'll help my posture. I did a glowing testimonial on their website, actually, it was so gushy and glowy that I'm almost embarrassed about it. Still, it truly helped for a short while last night and will hopefully help today. I suspect it's probably so OTT that they wont actually publish it. Mind, I then had a dream that baby brain meant I said I was "drunk" rather than "pregnant" in the review. Whoops.

SO yes, tomorrow, the 4D scan. Hopefully we'll have 100% confirmation that Madam is indeed a madam, so everyone can start calling her "she" rather than "it" or "he/she" as my mum prefers, then it's just which girl name she looks like the most (we have three, though have used one of them more than others).

I think that's about it, anyway. In a sort of long, drawn out nutshell.
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2009-05-20 08:27 am


I can't actually remember if I've already posted this or not. I am now officially in the third trimester, according to my NHS Desktop Pregnancy Calculator.

Anyway, one of the things it says this week is it's now possible to hear Madam's heartbeat with your ear. So Shaun tried. He stuck his head on my belly, and moved it around trying to hear Madam - and ahaahahah Madam kicked him back! So he got a firm two kicks in the head from her. This amused me greatly, as normally when he puts his hand there she stops kicking altogether.
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2009-05-04 10:48 pm


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2009-05-03 02:48 pm

One of the strangest things

which I've probably already written about, but I can't remember any more, how prior to being pregnant and the bump being on show, I consciously never wore clothes which clung to my body shape.

Now I have a quite visible bump, I'm clingy all the way, baby.

It's really quite odd - and the best bit? I feel completely un-self conscious. I'm really enjoying being me, with my odd body shape right now - I'm showing it off, and I'm proud, rather than hiding behind big baggy t-shirts and mens jeans (which truthfully fit better than womens).

We went to Basingstoke yesterday (as you do!), and a woman got in the lift with us, glanced at my bump, and we both exchanged smiles. Oh it was nice - and when we got to the Clarins counter, the woman immediately served me, and suggested good oils for the bump (I already have it, and it's lovely, but oh, how nice!), and people just seem that bit happier to deal with you (or sell you stuff).
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2009-04-24 08:45 am

So, yesterday

Oh it was a good day - as well as being my 39th birthday, it was the day of our scan. I had to pick up the blood results I'd not got the last time I was in hospital, and was told to go to the Midwives room - where I met one really cross midwife. I sort of begged, pleaded and looked a bit teary, until she snapped "yes! Okay! I'll do it! I'm late for another appointment!" and I just wanted to cry there and then. Luckily I was called for my scan at that same point, she came with me and filled in the other results (all good - phew!), and just as the sonographer said "can you confirm your date of birth?" I piped up "yep! Today, 39 years ago!" and everyone smiled, including the stressed-out midwife, and it was all good.

The sonographer then piped up "your birthday? Would you like to reschedule this?". Heh, no chance dear, I kind of shock-shrieked "No WAY!" and we all smiled, and got down to that cold gel and doppler thingummy they do. There was little one, she was moving around and kicking her little legs. We saw her skeleton, her spine, her heart, her head, her little button nose, her closed mouth (full lips - maybe one she's got from daddy, there - mine are very thin), no shot of the ears (I hope she gets my little ones), her hands, her feet - oh god, it was strange! A proper little human in there, and it's so difficult to put in words - it's a different feeling to the last scan, as she's often kicking around in my stomach, so I know she's in there and doing fine. She wriggled and moved around so much, and it was only towards the end the sonographer said "it's probably a girl, but we can't say 100%" - which basically means there's a slim chance it could be a boy, but no boy-bits were spotted. Or in other words, it's easier to confirm a boy than a girl. My mum says they said the same for her about me and my sister, back when she was pregnant.

Anyway, after various minor problems, which aren't problems and will probably correct themselves, the sonographer said "I think you should come back for another scan at 34 weeks, so we can check on this" to which I beamed massively. I mean, I know the minor things aren't harmful, it's just nice to see baby again, as I can only feel her right now.

Shaun has bought a 4D scan for me for my birthday (I really wanted one), and Banstead are starting to do them with the company I'd chosen (from the Baby Show, they impressed me), so we've timed it right in between both scans, so it's only now six weeks until I get to see baby again - and this time a little bit bigger, and a lot more baby like. AND I'll get a DVD of her. Sighhh..... It's kind of mad the things you can get nowadays, but I'm so pleased you can. After that it's another six weeks until I get to see her again. Then actually it gets scary - another six weeks after that, and potentially, I get to meet her properly.

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2009-04-21 10:30 pm

Oh dear

Baby's musical tastes are really coming out this week. So far thumbs up (or rather, kick mummy) go to..

Basement Jaxx - Rainbows
Micachu - Lips
Peaches - I Feel Cream
Ministry Of Sound - dodgy 1990's rave compilation
Dizzee Rascal - Flex

I'm really trying with the indie stuff, but it's just not happening. At all.
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2009-04-14 07:45 pm

There's ups and downs

This weeks down, I'm down to three pairs of jeans now, and the last notch on my belt. That's not really a down as such, but you know... when you're saying goodbye to parts of your wardrobe, it is kind of sad. Three pairs of jeans, and sunny weather, so they can be regularly washed and put on the line, though. Hurrah!

A plus side is a whole new style of dressing which I'm unaccustomed to - clingy tops, ones that show off my body. It's all weird, and not the way I'd normally be. But as I'm growing, I don't really have a huge amount of choice, and I'm not about to start wearing kaftans.

I'm still swimming once or twice a week, which is good - managed 24 lengths this morning before I felt a bit bored of it, so left the pool early.

Baby is regularly kicking now, and I felt a leg on Saturday night, which was weird. Alien baby is with us... Baby seems to like waking up around dinner time and having a good kick around. It's really reassuring though - like, before then you'd wonder what on earth was going on, and would get paranoid about things - but actually, now you just want baby to wake up and kick you in the guts because it feels nice, and quite funny.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind in the next 10-15 weeks in this matter.
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2009-04-11 10:42 am


Okay, one thing they never told me about, bar the round ligament pain (bearable), there's now Pelvic Girdle Pain to contend with. Basically, imagine your bum has an enormous bruise on it, which goes all the way across. Because of this pain (I think it really started last Friday, after our Tower Of London day - it says not to overdo it, and I did), I now have to re-evaluate everything I've ever done. The way I sit, the way I get out of bed, the bath, get dressed. But it all makes the pain bearable. I swear, I wish I'd paid more attention in biology lessons at school - I've learnt so much more these last few months than I ever did then (though to be fair, York's Grammar School setup meant you had to do one science, and I had no choice), for instance, if you do a spot of "humping and hollowing" that can fix things. However, this one upset me:

•When you are walking, arch your back (by sticking your chest and bottom out) and swing your arms as though you are marching. This locks your pelvis in a stable position and activates the muscles responsible for stiffening your pelvic joints.

I'm going to look like a right dork. A right pelvic-pain-free dork, but a dork, nonetheless. Oh well!

Up to 45% of women get this too. JOY!
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2009-04-05 06:25 pm

So This Is Hormones (Chapter 1 of an unknown quantity)

Jade Goody died, we all knew she was going to die, and yet I burst into tears as I told Shaun. Up until that point I'd never shed a tear nor cared much for the girl (other than being pleased at the amount of publicity she'd given towards cancer, and the already positive reactions from people in general). Bizarre. I also cried again when I saw some photos of her funeral yesterday. Very bizarre. (in a proper sobbing in the throat kind of way, where you try to cover up the cry, but just make it sound even worse, because you sound even more upset than you actually are)

Yesterday, I bought some baby socks and a babygro with a kangaroo on them, from Baby Gap. Holding both in my hands, I burst into tears at the tininess of them, and how fluffy and soft they are - and how my baby will be wearing them at some point in the next four and a bit months. Oh god, did I cry. It was almost pathetic.

At work, the boys were all chatting, and I fancied some water from the water cooler. Unfortunately said water had run out, and it needed a new refill putting in, something which under normal circumstances I'd be able to change without any trouble at all. However, on asking a couple of the boys, they made excuses, and I felt embarrassed. So instead I decided to go to the shops to buy another bottle of water, as it solved the problem. So the boys being boys made a sarky comment about it, to which I burst into tears and told them not to talk to me like that. Whoops. I was honestly quite happy to buy some water, though. Proper tears there, too.

So yes, if anyone ever asks "What's it like having pregnancy hormones" these are four examples of just that. However, I would have come up with more, had my short term memory not failed me yet again.

(Chapter 2 - So this is Short Term Memory Loss, aka Baby Brain - probably to be expanded upon in time, but being forgetful, this is possibly all you'll get, or I'll forget it even exists)

Walking back from Wallington today, we walk past a new Nearly New shop which I'd spotted. Shaun says "ah, you're right, it is one of those shops" to which I say "crikey, is it a week since we walked down here? Doesn't time fly!" to which he replies, "No, we walked past here on Friday". I think hard. "Hmm... so what did we do on Friday?" I'm puzzled. Luckily it comes back to me fairly quickly, in that we had a day out and met up with his Australian relatives, ie, it was a big day out. I had completely forgotten - less than two days later.

Almost as bad - talking to people at work, and getting to the point where you say "and (insert name here) said (blahblahblah)" as part of your conversation - the only trouble being that despite sitting opposite that person, or having known that person for many years, you actually cannot for the life of you remember what that person's name is. This has only happened to me twice, but still. Note to self, Greg, and Margaret. I expect more of these. If I talk to you, and use the phrase "yes, he said this" while "he" is present, it's only because I've probably forgotten their name. Possibly the oddest thing to happen so far, there.
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2009-04-02 08:10 pm


I have to have it, though.

pregnancy calendar
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2009-03-25 08:46 am


Where does it all go? I mean, I get in from work sometime after 7pm, eat some food, lie down, watch my stomach being kicked (we've seen it a few times now), watch some tv programmes, and go to bed. If things are like this now, then what on earth is it going to be like in August?

I've been using my money saving head to get some good deals on things I'd need. Initially, after getting my Bounty Pack from Asda, and being disappointed that most things have vouchers that run out in May, I eventually worked out I could use this to my advantage. So I got some more Huggies newborn nappies from Tesco, using my 2 pound voucher off, and getting their welcome basket for new babies (free if you join their parenting club), costing me a grand total of around £1.50. Ish. So I've currently three packs of newborn nappies which have given me free extras, including baby's first teddy (it's small, but suitable). There's a bazillion more clubs I need to join, for more free stuff which they seem to like you to have (I'm not complaining). I just wish the vouchers actually lasted until around the time the baby is due. Still, almost half way now (a week and a half)... eek.

Oh, and despite having all these disposable nappies, we will be using reusable ones. I just figured initially I should have both.

Cuteness alert. There's a book somewhere out there for children who's mum is having another baby, to help them understand. Something like "My mum has a house in her tummy" or something along those lines. Anyway, the brother or sister can talk to baby via the "Tummy Telephone". Sorry, I find that sickeningly cute. Yet slightly odd too. Apparently the baby lives in the kitchen in the tummy house, according to this book. I've not really paid that much attention, it all stopped via Tummy Telephone. Then brought a ton of weird thoughts about a telephone coming out of the tummy. Oh dear. This may well be the way my brain progresses over the next year or so, I fear.
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2009-03-15 01:09 pm

big tum.

Oh it's growing. I'm now in week 18, and that half way mark feels like it's forever. Not long now, anyway.

Last night, while lying on the settee, I looked at my stomach. Now, given I've a few layers of fat that are currently being pushed up, I found it a little weird that as I breathed, parts of my stomach wobbled differently. We're not entirely sure, however, I'm almost convinced that was baby doing his/her leg and arm kicking, and making all my wobbly bits wobble. It's about the right time. I was also convinced I felt flutters and bubbles in the front of my stomach overnight, too.

Yesterday we braved the Westfield Centre over in Shepherds Bush, and popped into Mamas & Papas. The buggy I've been longing for hugely disappointed - it looks so good, and so lightweight, but yet it felt SO heavy, and the assistant there wasn't able to push it down with just the one hand (very important) - she could barely do it with two. I dunno, I mean, she helped us, but actually now I don't feel like we need the extra expense, and the Mothercare one appeals more again (which was ably demonstrated with just the one hand, as well).

There's SO many offers for baby clothes right now, and I want to buy them all (especially the stripy socks), but I shouldn't - not yet. Not until the 22 week scan. But oh, those cute socks wont be in the sale any more. So disappointing. I mean, they're only a pound right now!!

We've joined the NCT, and now I've discovered top tips like going to the posher areas of London for their nearly new sales, and being able to pick up very nice clothes at a bargain price. Now this appeals... Oh, and add to that the ante-natal classes are no more than five minutes walk from here (we've been accepted!) - result! Now we just need to pay them shedloads of cash...
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2009-03-09 08:44 am


We've heard baby a couple of times now at home. It's rather cool. Our doppler now picks up a heartbeat very very clearly - in fact, yesterday it had my heartbeat and baby's going at the same time. I can't really describe how happy it makes you feel, knowing it's in there, as right now I feel so very un-pregnant (but fat), and it's there as a reminder that little dude is doing what he needs to be (ie, grow), and all should be well.

After initially thinking most pregnancy tops looked a bit naff, I've now come to the conclusion they're great. I even went as far as buying several, last week. H&M Mama have some great clothes - and cheap too (as I'm not going to get too many - just enough to tide me over the summer). Next weekend is Mamas & Papas, as I've two £5 vouchers that need to be used. It'd be silly not to...

I often have a minor freakout at the thought of a thing inside me - I mean, it's over 5 inches big now - and that's only from it's head to bum - with the legs.. I mean, we're talking 7" single sized there. Which is why I find it all odd, in my stupid head I have a 7" record inside me.
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2009-03-04 08:16 am


Yesterday, the person I sit kind of next to (well, on the next table) found out I was pregnant. This is because I've now no idea who knows, and who doesn't. Being a bloke, he asked lots of stupid questions, as they can do at times (a huge generalisation there, I know, I'm sorry), such as "well how did that happen?" ("well, you see, me and Shaun....") or "what happens when you're giving birth?!" ("well, I'll be in the middle of reception, so might need your help?") sort of nonsense; you know, when brain doesn't quite click into gear.

There's a plus side to this, of course. While I've been embracing my quite obvious bump, he's not had a clue, and hadn't even thought I was fat! Pleasingly, I've kept a regular weight check, and I'm up slightly, but not more than I was when I first got pregnant, which is good. I do have a bump though. People keep patting it. I have to keep reminding them they're patting my guts, and there's no baby to actually pat yet. Maybe in a few weeks...

I get regular emails telling me about what's going on in there, and todays tells me that he/she (she's been a she for the last couple of weeks) is approximately four and a half inches long. Ooooerr.

Here's the weird bit though - apparently the baby might start to play with the umbilical cord. This gave me odd visions and dreams of the baby skipping in my tum, and having quite a fun time in there. I wont go on, you can picture it, I'm sure.

According to the books and online, I wont feel anything moving in there for another couple of weeks. I can live with this. I'm sure I'll be hugely irritated every time she kicks me in the ribs, it being funny the first few times, and not funny when it's 2am in the morning and I'm trying to sleep. Actually, having said that, I'm really not sleeping well at the moment anyway... I really should try and make the most of it right now... though I've heard towards the end of the pregnancy the early fatigue creeps back with a vengeance.

I'm also sure I'm repeating myself every time I type something in here, but I have no memory of actually saying this - this is the problem with LJ at the moment. I type up a ton of posts, and only 1% ever gets posted, and my memory is frazzled. It's probably better that way, mind...