Oh it was a good day - as well as being my 39th birthday, it was the day of our scan. I had to pick up the blood results I'd not got the last time I was in hospital, and was told to go to the Midwives room - where I met one really cross midwife. I sort of begged, pleaded and looked a bit teary, until she snapped "yes! Okay! I'll do it! I'm late for another appointment!" and I just wanted to cry there and then. Luckily I was called for my scan at that same point, she came with me and filled in the other results (all good - phew!), and just as the sonographer said "can you confirm your date of birth?" I piped up "yep! Today, 39 years ago!" and everyone smiled, including the stressed-out midwife, and it was all good.

The sonographer then piped up "your birthday? Would you like to reschedule this?". Heh, no chance dear, I kind of shock-shrieked "No WAY!" and we all smiled, and got down to that cold gel and doppler thingummy they do. There was little one, she was moving around and kicking her little legs. We saw her skeleton, her spine, her heart, her head, her little button nose, her closed mouth (full lips - maybe one she's got from daddy, there - mine are very thin), no shot of the ears (I hope she gets my little ones), her hands, her feet - oh god, it was strange! A proper little human in there, and it's so difficult to put in words - it's a different feeling to the last scan, as she's often kicking around in my stomach, so I know she's in there and doing fine. She wriggled and moved around so much, and it was only towards the end the sonographer said "it's probably a girl, but we can't say 100%" - which basically means there's a slim chance it could be a boy, but no boy-bits were spotted. Or in other words, it's easier to confirm a boy than a girl. My mum says they said the same for her about me and my sister, back when she was pregnant.

Anyway, after various minor problems, which aren't problems and will probably correct themselves, the sonographer said "I think you should come back for another scan at 34 weeks, so we can check on this" to which I beamed massively. I mean, I know the minor things aren't harmful, it's just nice to see baby again, as I can only feel her right now.

Shaun has bought a 4D scan for me for my birthday (I really wanted one), and Banstead are starting to do them with the company I'd chosen (from the Baby Show, they impressed me), so we've timed it right in between both scans, so it's only now six weeks until I get to see baby again - and this time a little bit bigger, and a lot more baby like. AND I'll get a DVD of her. Sighhh..... It's kind of mad the things you can get nowadays, but I'm so pleased you can. After that it's another six weeks until I get to see her again. Then actually it gets scary - another six weeks after that, and potentially, I get to meet her properly.



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